‘Hope And Love’ – Blog Review

Hope and love are not the only things, what this amazing lady ‘Anu’ from God’s own country offers to all in her blog ‘Hope and Love‘. It has all the human emotions that a lady can sustain. A doctor by profession pens down her medical encounters and peronal get-a-alongs with absolute charm and uncomparable mixture of reality and philosophy. Most of the author’s blog entries are her trysts with her patients but when it surfaces from a women who has such an ability to put life into each words it touches the inner core of your soul. There are a few blog entries which sent shivers down my spine. Though most of the blog entries are mentionable, the ones which cannot be missed are ‘Pandora’s Box’ and one without a title posted on ‘Wednesday, May 30, 2007’. I am impressed the way by which simple relationships and day to today events interpreted with such soulful thinking by the author. The art of writing the personal incidences in form of a story is worth praising. Each entry has a picture corresponding to the titles of the blog entries.

The blog has a dull theme and the appearance is not upto the quality of the writing in the blog entries.  The blog does not attract the the visitors until they read the blog entries. The navigation of the blog is simple and similar to other ‘blogger’ themes. The blog started in February of 2005 and has more than 60 wonderful instances to read to your heart’s content. There has not been much activity on the blog recently. The last blog entry was on Nov’24 2007 when I reviewed the blog. I go ahead and give this wonderful blog a 3.5/5. I would offer a few suggestions to the author of the blog:

  • use a theme which compliments the content which you are writing and also improve the overall appearance of the blog.
  • update the ‘about me’ section or provide a link to your orkut profile, people will appreciate the blog more, the more they know about you.


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5 Responses to “‘Hope And Love’ – Blog Review”

  1. anu Says:

    wow…!! txs a lot..!!

  2. Abhinav Says:

    I’m off to the doc’s blog after reading this review.
    BTW don’t you think a really large number of bloggers who write very well (sometimes absolutely brilliant) do not care to find a theme that matches their personality and the posts?

  3. Ishq Says:

    Yes abhinav i agree, i have come across many such blogs, which has got absolutely fantastic blog entries. . . but that alone doesn’t qualify to to become a good blog or rather a great blog. I don’t pass judgement, I just give my opinion.

  4. sworsBugplows Says:

    Soon her accounts grew, but she woke up and said she had to anoint mindless for work.

  5. sworsBugplows Says:

    French applauding narrated our arousal. Moments deflowered in silence.

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